Becoming one with the burden of building connected brand experiences.

By only serving sophisticated merchants and marketing teams with a healthy supply of resources, MarTech fails to empower marketers of all levels to deliver exceptional experiences.

Built for you.
No-code tools
Means no developers or APIs.

Discover zen

GardenIQ brings balance to building great customer experiences.

GardenIQ’s feature philosophy is rooted in the challenges that come with building exceptional brand experiences. Our features are carefully crafted for merchants and marketers of all levels of sophistication.

No-Code Website Tagging

Personalized Email, SMS & Notifications

Full Ecosystem Orchestration

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You can relax

GardenIQ is the cornerstone of your walled garden. A new foundation awaits.

No sweat. Automatic migration Transfers your important data.

Privacy protection.
GDPR ready
A cookie-less world is coming.

You're not alone,
our team is your team.

We can help get you started

Our team of technical experts are here to help you start building a walled garden for your brand. Let us help you with your website, implementation, and customization needs.

We can help dig a little deeper

Our team of marketers can help you dig into data, derive insights, and build the blueprint that unlocks your brand experience. We get extra excited about helping you build customer segments.

We can help unlock your magic

Our team of designers are passionate about making your brand look good. Let us load up GardenIQ with some best-in-class assets.

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Find your marketing zen today.

Available in early 2024. Sign up today to be one of the first to find your marketing zen. Or reach out for a demo. We’re not building just another MarTech tool. We’re building a new way of marketing.

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