Use powerful analytics to read between the lines.

Transform your customer data into valuable analytics to help you make smart decisions and gain the competitive edge you need to succeed.

After you establish a hypothesis and hit the go-button, GardenIQ provides a breadth of data analysis to help optimize performance. Fine-tune to your heart’s content.

Understand what works
See how your website engagement, message deliverability and sales metrics are performing.

Keep it simple

Understand your data and unlock your brand’s potential.

Analyze metrics within three distinct categories: web activity, deliverability, and ecommerce.

Understand web activity with a summary of unique visitors, new sessions, time spent on site, page or product views, repeat visitors and the frequency of visits.

Deliverability gives you an overview of sends, opens, click-through rates, and top performing segments, messages and automations.

Ecommerce integrations allow GardenIQ to follow performance of critical metrics, like average order value, customer lifetime value, and full-funnel attribution.
Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups

Uncover essential metrics to maximize your ROI.

Any platform will track the number of sends, opens, and click-throughs.

With Harvest℠ integration to your website and favorite ecommerce platform, GardenIQ can directly attribute sales revenue and determine the effectiveness of each message and the aggregate performance of each campaign. This data empowers you to accurately measure your return on investment.

Connect GardenIQ to Shopify, coming soon.

Find your marketing zen today.

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