Customer intel to inform your brand’s digital strategy.

Organize, manage, query and act on your customer information in real-time like never before. Know your customers for real and create a lasting relationship.

Take a look, it’s in a book…” Or better yet, it’s in GardenIQ. Knowledge is king—and now all customer knowledge can live inside a single source-of-truth. Cheers.

Platinum Profile℠
Everything a customer has done on your site or marketplace, in one organized profile.

Knowledge is king

Evaluate performance, down to each individual customer.

All customer events and interactions are consolidated into individual profiles, giving you a comprehensive view of their history with your brand. The GardenIQ profile becomes the source-of-truth, compiling all of the information you have into a single view.

View customer performance metrics like lifetime value, average order value, orders processed, messages opened and click-throughs at a glance. Gain a better understanding of your customers, their activity and trends, and how they interact with your brand.
Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups
Target settings

Your brand’s Platinum Profile℠ lives here.

Store all customer properties and attributes in one place to gain a better understanding of who your customers are. Create more targeted and effective customer segments, based on customer events like category and product views.

Want to go further, still? Collect zero-party data and store critical responses about buying behaviors, purchase intent and customer sentiment in your customer profiles that can be used to further personalize customer messaging across your brand’s digital ecosystem.
GardenIQ recommendations

Customers expect you to know, now you can.

Customer history and events are compiled into chronological timelines within each customer profile. The detailed event timeline gives you a better understanding of your customer relationship by seeing when, and how often, customers visited and what content they viewed while shopping.

The timeline displays whether they saved items or added products to their cart during a session, or whether they submitted an order at the end or abandoned their cart. You can also see each time a customer received, opened or clicked-through a message and exactly how they engaged with the brand after the jump.
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