Automations are so fun, automations for everyone.

It’s like auto-pilot for your marketing—in a good way. Stop missing customers when they need you most. Use powerful automations to deliver at every touchpoint.

Connect the dots—use individual customer activity to trigger always-on customer messaging or link an segment to a campaign series to drive targeted engagement.

Built to scale
Automations are the thread that connects the dots between intel and engagement.

Evergreen & Perennial flows

The automation tools you need to cover all your bases.

When a customer makes a purchase, signs up for a service, doesn't take a certain action (such as not responding to an email or text message)—or interacts with any element tagged with Harvest℠—you can leverage transactional, Evergreen, messaging to reach out and engage with them.

Set up Perennial campaign messaging to send an email, text message, or notification at a set time and date. You can also use conditional logic to create follow-up messages based on whether or not customers engage with the initial message. Even add exclusionary filters in case you don't want certain customer types to receive particular Perennial messages.
Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups
Inherent autonomy

A new generation of tech, built for today’s landscape.

Unlike legacy martech platforms, GardenIQ doesn't inherently associate assets within the system. Mix and match, swap or update the assets used within Automations. For example, drop a segment and a single message into a flow and send it based on a set time.

Or you can string a few emails, a couple notifications and a text message together into a campaign and add conditional logic to determine when customers exit and what happens next.
Greater balance

Want to get real clever?

Flow analytics

Understand how customers engage with individual messages, as well as how they respond to a campaign series or a transactional process within your experience.

Segment optimization

Set new segmentation rules to narrow targeting and exclude low-performing customers, as well as to know where to update messaging content to increase interest.

Find your marketing zen today.

Available in early 2024. Sign up today for early access and be one of the first to cut through the noise and chaos. It's time to discover a more grounded approach to marketing.

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