The right message through the right channel.

At the right time, no less. That’s how GardenIQ helps you have the right conversations with your customers, so they feel like more than just a metric to your brand.

Most of us want our customer conversations to add value to the experience. To preempt the customer’s needs. GardenIQ is the tool that makes it possible.

More than messagesStop blasting customers with endless emails. Use GardenIQ to build more personal relationships.

Messaging channels

Easily manage email, text messages and notifications.

Organize your transactional and campaign messages into Evergreen and Perennial groups, respectively. Messages can be tailored to specific users or segments, or they can be agnostic, allowing you to reach a broad audience.

Analyze performance of each individual message, so you can clearly see which communications are working and which need to be adjusted. See deliverability rates like sends, opens and clicks at a glance, so you can better understand how users are engaging with your messages.
Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups
OpenAI content

Crafting customer messaging just got better with GPT-4.

Import your own HTML or use the Design Studio to create branded emails. Create unique and personalized emails with the ability to insert variables for customer properties and include relevant customer information in your messages.

You can even accelerate your workflow with GPT-4—the same natural language model that powers the revolutionary conversational AI application, ChatGPT. Type a short summary and GardenIQ will auto-populate your emails, text messages and notifications with organic, natural language.
Templates & layouts

Smell the roses. Let GardenIQ do the heavy lifting for you.

Save layout templates to streamline your workflow and quickly create branded emails that are tailored to your customer segments. Create personalized emails in minutes, without code or complex variable snippets.

Universal Content takes your workflow even further by creating a library of your branded content that can be reused across all of your messages. Reuse content blocks like headers, footers and promotional calls-to-action, even product images pulled directly from your ecommerce platform.
Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups
Go old school

More ways to communicate, more opportunities to convert.

Simply enter the text for your message, or submit an AI prompt to auto-populate content, to create a text message. For MMS, just add an image. You can even add variables for customer properties to convey a higher level of personalization.

Create browser notifications for Chrome and Safari, too, so you can drop messages right onto device screens at the right moment. Notifications are the perfect channel to deliver timely messages to your customers that add context to their experience.

Find your marketing zen today.

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