Distilled, trend-driven insights worth acting on.

GardenIQ takes the most impactful metrics for a brand of any size and tells the story for them. See the metrics, digest the insights, and take action—all from one screen.

We know that not all brands have strategy chops and making sense of dashboards full of data is a heavy lift for any marketing operation, so we solved that.

From insight to action
Identify which metrics are influencing your KPIs and get recommendations for improvement.

Keep it simple

Never discount the fundamentals.

Insights focuses on fundamental business KPIs for commerce. It provides an easy-to-understand view of historical comparisons, period over period, to give you a clear visualization of your brand's performance.

Our algorithm deciphers these KPIs into the metrics that influence them, allowing you to understand what really drives your business. Toggle through KPIs on a daily basis to get a read on your business vitals and get a clear indication of when you’re hitting turbulence.
Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups
Target settings

Nurturing marketers towards higher sophistication.

When KPIs are underperforming, GardenIQ will attribute that downturn to one of the influential metrics. This identified metric is called the Culprit.

Once GardenIQ has identified the Culprit, an explanation is provided so you gain an understanding of how things add up. Along with the rationale, the Insight includes a tactical recommendation to drive improvement. GardenIQ is the first platform to provide logic-based recommendations on which levers to pull to influence the performance of specific metrics.
GardenIQ recommendations

Step-by-step instructions to activate new opportunities.

The Insights module will serve up pre-filtered segments that are targeted to customers likely to drive the activity needed to improve the underperforming metric.

Next, GardenIQ will suggest new messaging that may resonate with the recommended segment and determine which channel might be most effective in driving engagement.

Lastly, Insights will instantly populate an automated flow with these fresh assets to make activating this new tactic devastatingly simple. The goal is to make the art of interpretation and science of analytics a little easier to manage.
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Find your marketing zen today.

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