Organize, manage and monitor your segments and lists.

Query your customer database in GardenIQ to build hyper-targeted customer segments and serve up personalized messaging that customers care about.

Drive more relevant and personalized messaging with data-led engagement that delivers value to customer’s lives at just the right moment.

Quality over quantityStop blasting customers with endless emails. Use GardenIQ to build more personal relationships.

Harvest-powered segments

Use every piece of the puzzle to create high-value segments.

Create highly specific segments based on customer interests, explicit interactions, and individual properties.

By leveraging the customer intel in GardenIQ, you’re empowered to build segments to create personalized campaigns and offer unique customer experiences. This personalization helps to build brand loyalty and allows you to better serve your customers.
Credit card mockups
Credit card mockups
Logic-based rules

Automated reconciliation: auto-pilot for your segments.

Automated reconciliation works like this: Whenever a customer's data changes, GardenIQ will compare it to the criteria used to create the segment and automatically update it. If a customer no longer meets the criteria, they’ll be removed from the segment. If a customer’s data matches the criteria, they’ll be added.

This process eliminates the need to manually add or remove customers from segments, making it easier to quickly and accurately segment your customers.
Segment performance

Know which segments drive the highest engagement.

Segment KPIs to help you gain insights into your targeting. As segments are automatically reconciled, you can easily view how each changes over time, giving you a better understanding of how your customer segments are evolving.

GardenIQ makes it easy to maintain and monitor customer segments. It ensures that your customer data is up-to-date and accurate so that you can focus on crafting the best customer experience.
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Credit card mockups
Go old school

Lists are still a thing and GardenIQ can import yours.

Upload customer lists from a variety of sources, such as a CSV file, and make them available to any campaign you’re running. Unlike segments, which are automated and adjust accordingly to include or exclude customers, lists are static and aren’t adjusted automatically.

In principle, we recommend leveraging Segments as much as possible, to take advantage of the automations, as well as maintain fair and proper customer privacy practices by monitoring consent.
Look-alike syncing

Expand your reach and tend your entire customer garden.

Export your segments and lists in multiple formats, such as CSV, Excel or JSON—or use our integrations library to connect with popular third-party applications and share data seamlessly.

Automatically sync segments with integrated ad channels, such as Meta Business for Facebook & Instagram Ads and Google for Google & YouTube Ads. With authentication, GardenIQ syncs with your ad channels on a daily basis to maintain clean look-alike audiences across your marketing ecosystem.
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